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Revived by Jamie Higgins and Will Hiscocks in April 2022 after a long inactive period pre and post pandemic, following in the footsteps of the previous incumbents of our 50L Brew Magic kit naming Johnny Horn of Holy Goat Brewing as the most notable still operating here in Scotland among many others across the UK.

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Will moved on to kickstart the brewing at London's new Bird House Brewery after completing his Master in Heriot-Watt's Brewing and Distilling course, leaving Holly Lewis formerly brewer at some of Edinburgh's top breweries;  Newbarns, Vault City and Barney's to take the reins. We take pride in brewing a large range of traditional and experimental beers and even bridging the gap between modern, traditional and downright crazy. We take the risk to brew crazier beers (the bars entire identity of stocking the weird and wonderful from all over the world) so that our visitors can be taken out of their comfort zone in the hope to take some new steps away from the commercial and experiment with their own palate and appreciate the work and love and innovation that goes into the craft beer industry.

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We have worked with many great friends from breweries to students of Heriot-Watt University to bars and to people just wanting a crack at a small batch brew. Notable breweries we have worked with; Campervan, Heist, Holy Goat, Left Handed Giant, Loch Lomond, Newbarns  Otherworld, Overtone, Pilot, Up Front, Vault City and Walkie Talky. Whether we have scaled up our ideas for an exclusive beer at The Hanging Bat with breweries or brewed on our in-house kit we are very proud of what we do and greatful of many people that have come through our bar and tried our beers and those that still do after all these years of the brewery operating. We will continue to brew more and more experimental beers that will one day be sitting on your shelf or in your fridge. 


As started by Johnny Horn, we end our introduction with the brewery's motto...

Hail The Bat!

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