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  • IPApril: BrewDog and Friends

    All the best events are rushed, right? All the ones we do are anyway.   Not so long ago BrewDog’s Dale Perry sent me a txt, ‘fancy doing an event at the end of April and call it IPApril? I assumed this was because IPAtember didn’t have the same ring to it. It wasn’t a […]
  • May 18th: An Event with a Difference?

    Some months back a brewer suggested that we blind taste his beers against some others and he was confident their quality would stand up. So we did exactly that. Myself, Jamie, Calum and Joe blind tasted 4 of this chaps beers against others of similar styles and of known quality (we had an independent adjudicator […]
  • The Evolution of the Church

    In February 2012 I was taken to a new brewery in London. They’d been brewing since August the previous year, and I’d never heard of them. I was with a couple of friends, one of whom owns several bars in London, and the other one’s a chef. I have two resounding memories of that day, […]
  • Magic Rock Unhuman Cannonball: The Launch

    In 2013 and 2014 we were lucky enough to be allocated a keg and some cases of Magic Rock’s once a year release, Unhuman Cannonball, an 11% Triple IPA. This year, we’ve been asked to launch the beer alongside the legendary North Bar in Leeds and London’s (Europes?) premier beer bar, The Craft Beer Co. […]
  • Cloudwater Brewing Co: Launch Night

    Hold the phone chaps, another brewery launch. Yep, another brewery. I mean, another one. ANOTHER ONE. Breweries are surely like charity shops these days, in that despite evident demand there can’t possibly be enough customers to service them all. Tongue in cheek silliness aside, every so often a new brewery comes along that makes you […]
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