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  • The second coming: Redchurch MTB

    For those who missed it, Gary has hosted an event at the Bat already, a meet the styles with Andy the angry pixie from Summer Wine Brewery. This time, it’s all about him (and his beer). On March 25th we’ll be hosting an MTB with one of our very favourite breweries and two of our [...]
  • Beavertown: Quelle Surprise?

    On December 13th I was in London for a Christmas party during which we ate an enormous amount of great BBQ food at Beavertown’s tap room and restaurant, Dukes Joint. Beavertown brewer James mentioned he would be coming up to Edinburgh with his girlfriend and that he’d like to brew with local top chaps, Alechemy. [...]
  • Brewmeister: Tarring an industry with a cynical brush

    The UK beer scene is close knit industry that prides itself on positivity, on relationships, on being a loose, for want of a better or more appropriate word,  ’family’. So to feel that I have to write something I know is negative makes me feel a little sad. It just isn’t what this ‘craft’ lark [...]
  • The Welsh Rebellion: Tiny Rebel MTB

    Almost every time I see anything from Tiny Rebel I think about BrewDog circa 2009/10. Young, ambitious, fast paced, fast growth, an office littered  with ‘Young Person of the Year’ business awards, and a product that stands out. Of course the beer world has moved on since 2009/10 and making beer exciting and surprising beer [...]
  • New Beers Eve: The line up

    Had a few requests for the line up for this eve and as they won’t be set up and on the board until after 5pm this is the only way to let those who want to know, know… So, this is what we have for this eve. CASK Harbour: Aji DIPA Hopcraft: Vanoffee Porter Moor: [...]
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