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  • Cloudwater Brewing Co: Launch Night

    Hold the phone chaps, another brewery launch. Yep, another brewery. I mean, another one. ANOTHER ONE. Breweries are surely like charity shops these days, in that despite evident demand there can’t possibly be enough customers to service them all. Tongue in cheek silliness aside, every so often a new brewery comes along that makes you […]
  • Only one way to say it: Burning Sky MTB

    You may have noticed that there are quite a number of UK breweries these days. Some have been started by home brewing enthusiasts, some by non brewing beer fans, and some by former head brewers of market leading ‘craft’* breweries. Burning Sky was started by the latter, his is an enviable pedigree. As the UK beer […]
  • Almasty MTB: The Wildman cometh

    Some of the more eagle eyed (bothered) of you may have noticed we sort of bypassed January’s MTB. We did have Andrew and Brett from Wild Beer Co in the bar on two evenings to chat to anyone who wanted to about their 21 beer tap takeover (I’ve noticed Tap Takeovers are now being referred […]
  • If you like us, you might like…

    Edinburgh has a reputation for being a great food and beer city. It’s true, we do have several Michelen Stars and of course the excellent Timberyard who in just over two years have quite rightly managed to make themselves the destination eatery for all foodies travelling here. There is one place though that seems to […]
  • Adnams MTB and MTD

    We’ve been lucky. We’ve had some incredible brewers visit us over the past two years; Magic Rock, Kernel, Thornbridge,  and Fyne Ales to name a few. This latest though which is our 2014 year ender is, for a number of reasons, pretty special. The most personal to me is that Adnams are my local brewery, I […]
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