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  • New Beers Eve 2014

    Frighteningly it’s here again, the end of another year. We’re all older, wiser, drink less, exercise more…. Well, not all of us but I’m sure someone somewhere is/does. As the past two years have worked perfectly well, I have copied and pasted this blog from last year. Which was copied and pasted from the year […]
  • 2nd Birthday MTB with Weird Beard Brew Co.

    As unlikely as it may seem, we’re almost two years old. Although, the front of the building has been showing it’s age for some time now – although when Spit/Fire is complete that will be getting a facelift – inside we’ve been doing our best to keep things fresh and interesting. Exciting for the beer […]
  • Halloween Beer List

    Our manager, Joe, is almost getting used to this, the impromptu ‘Hold the phone, we’ve got a load of exciting beer in the warehouse, let’s stick it on the bar…. tomorrow’. To his credit he hasn’t turned on us and said ‘How about you piss off and do it yourself’…. yet. As Calum is building […]
  • Oktoberfest… day… thingy

    Hallo, Being progressive and forward thinking we’ve decided at the last minute to do what everyone else is doing and put some German beers on this week. We didn’t bother last year as the Hanging Bat is supposed to be, predominantly, a showcase for UK beer. However, later this year we will open a new […]
  • October’s MTB: Bad Seed Brewery

    Founded in 2011 Bad Seed first beeped on our radar about a year ago following a Twitterised trip down to see them in Malton Yorkshire by lapsed podcasters, weekly beer diarists and beer clown exposés, the Beercast. Nice and simple branding, great tasting and well made beer, there wasn’t anything not to like. They seemed […]
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