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  • Feeling a little Full(er’s)

    Sometimes something falls in your lap, a thing you just can’t say no to. A thing you wouldn’t want to say not to, even if you could. On November 27th we have such an event. It’s something we have discussed for a while now, but chance and circumstance have led to it actually happening. Enough […]
  • New Zealand beer showcase weekend.

    Next weekend, as part of our second birthday week celebrations, we will be filling the boards with NZ beer. Much of it has never been served in the UK before, or even in Europe. We have three breweries in, Tuatara, Renaissance and Yeastie Boys. The list is below. Cool, innit? Tuatara – Pilsner 5% Tuatara […]
  • Festive opening hours.

    Apologies if this is a bit late, we know many people haven finished buying all their Christmas presents and are now scouring for deals on Easter Eggs and telescopes to see Haleys Comet when it next passes over. We are less organised than you are. For those of you who want to get organised however, […]
  • A response to our recent Timeout Review

    This blog is a response to a recent review of The Hanging Bat in Timeout, written by Niki Boyle. I wouldn’t normally bother, the same way that we don’t bother responding to (or in most cases, reading) Trip Advisor reviews. Running a business is hard enough without spending days online analysing every review, good or […]
  • New Beers Eve 2014

    Frighteningly it’s here again, the end of another year. We’re all older, wiser, drink less, exercise more…. Well, not all of us but I’m sure someone somewhere is/does. As the past two years have worked perfectly well, I have copied and pasted this blog from last year. Which was copied and pasted from the year […]
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