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    In March 2012 I was a bit fed up. I’d just quit my job and was wondering what to do next. So I went on holiday to California. Whilst in San Francisco I met up with a Scottish guy called Fraser Murray. Fraser was the San Fran rep for Lagunitas, and the only thing I […]
  • MTB: Brew By Numbers

    I first came across Brew By Numbers (or BBNo’s for a nice abbreviation) a couple of years ago in Craft Beer Co, Clerkenwell. The bottles were pretty and the beer was excellent. I sent an email when we opened the Bat, ‘could we have some beer please?’. Nil response, for ages. Then came the reply […]
  • National ‘Drink American Beer’ Day….

    It’s July 4th and we didn’t pay attention, because we aren’t from America. Then, someone who lives with an American pointed out that it was National America Day for them on the same day as it was July 4th for us. Which seemed a coincidence, but apparently it’s true. America is a fine gaff full […]
  • Natural Selection MTB

    The Hanging Bat’s MTB for July 2014. The boys from Natural Selection, Heriot Watt’s masters program join us to discuss their newly launched UK IPA. Not every city in the world can boast having one of the world’s most prestigious Brewing and Distillation schools on their doorstep, but in Edinburgh we are blessed to have […]
  • Lager – It isn’t yellow waste water

    Lager. It’s all just yellow fizzy rubbish, isn’t it. We know this, because we know all lager tastes like water and because all lagers are boring and they all taste the same and that you can’t be sophisticated if you like lager because it’s the most boring beer style imaginable. We know all of this, […]
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